Fun Fact: The Curious Tradition of the West Point Goat

Those who are the best, who rank first, and who are the smartest are frequently recognized in our society. For the West Point Goat, the joke is, “it pays to be the last.”

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Fun Fact: USNA’s Bill the Goat

Goats are well-known to be the ideal pets for a ship’s crew as they eat anything and provide necessities such as milk and butter.

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West Point Cadet Prayer

This is a portion of the cadet prayer written by Colonel Clayton E. Wheat, when he was Chaplain at the United States Military Academy 1918-1926.

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Why are west point uniforms gray-Academy Endeavors

Fun Fact: Why are West Point Uniforms Gray?

Have you ever wondered why cadets wear gray uniforms when army uniforms were originally indigo blue?

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Endeavor definition

Academy ‘Endeavors’

Years of military experience has taught us that most applicants don’t have a clue how competitive it is to get into the Academies.

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