Happy Birthday Shout Out!

Academy Endeavors founder, Travis Wittick, turns 36.

Life has changed just a little bit since Travis was 18 years old going through Basic Cadet Training at the Air Force Academy.

But he’ll never forget where the journey started. Colorado Springs, circa 2003.

Since then, life has taken Travis to Air Force bases in California, Germany, Washington DC, and North Carolina. After separating from active duty, Travis earned his MBA full-time from Duke University, where he learned the skills to start Academy Endeavors.

This journey has uniquely equipped Travis to help many young men and women earn their appointments to Service Academies.

His medical background helps young men and women through the tedious DODMERB (medical board) process.

His background in strategic marketing helps young people communicate their unique attributes so they can differentiate themselves from other applicants. But most of all, it’s his vision and passion that sets Travis apart. As Travis says often, “Nothing in life worth having is easy.”

The Academies aren’t an easy road, but well worth it!

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