How Competitive are the Academies?

These three points will paint the picture of how competitive it is to get into a Service Academy.

1) No matter how many folks apply to the Academies each year, Title 10 law caps the number of admits at ~1,200. The US population nearly doubled since 1960, but the Academies’ capped enrollment is still the same.

2) 25% of the class is taken by recruited athletes. If you are applying, you are fighting over about 900 slots, because the other 300 are already taken by athletes.

3) They use another ~200 slots on average for prep school entries & enlisted. If you are hoping for direct entry and you’re a non-recruited athlete & non-enlisted, the door is very narrow.

There are thousands of people competing for very few slots. As you can see now, its even more competitive than you thought. So, max out every aspect. Put your best foot forward at every step. You don’t want to leave anything on the table. No regrets. Get your dream!

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