An impressive resume doesn’t happen overnight.

It starts with intentionality about where you want to end up.

As a freshman, get involved in as many activities as possible.

But when you hit sophomore year, begin to focus your efforts. Where do you want to lead? This introspective process is called “choosing your leadership path.”

3 questions to help you choose your leadership path:

1. Where do I want to invest my time?

2. Which activities am I most passionate about?

3. Which of these activities gives me the greatest return on my time?

There’s only 24 hours per day. Focus your efforts on those passionate, high-yield activities. If you’re a sophomore, now’s the time. This process of knowing which activities are high-yield and where you should be by junior year is daunting. It takes expertise. DM us if you want to sign up for our Underclassmen program, where we mold your candidacy to maximize your chances of acceptance.