Application Process

Expert guidance for every step of your journey to the Academies.

Congressional Nominations: Your Questions Answered

The fall of your Senior year will be the busiest time of your life. So, the most challenging aspect of this Academy application process is the number of competing requirements during the fall of senior year. Your Congressman and Senator application processes are going on at the same time as your Academy, ROTC, and college early action applications. Meanwhile, you are team captain of your varsity sports team, taking 5 AP classes, and are President of 1-2 clubs. How do you keep it all straight?

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The Four Steps to Accomplish Anything You Want in Life

These four steps can be used in any and all aspects of your life. No matter your dreams, Academy Endeavors wants to see you WIN. Follow our guidance, and your dreams will become a reality.

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College List for ROTC

Academy Endeavors has compiled a list of colleges that other clients have mentioned to us are supportive of ROTC cadets.

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The 3 Primary Ways To Become An Officer

There is more than one way to make achieve your dream of attending the Service Academy. Here are the top three…

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Academy Endeavors Guide for Recruited Athletes

Getting recruited for sports can open up the admissions door. Academies are small schools but have a vast amount of athletic teams. Academy coaches have a limited amount of “blue chips,” which give authority to pinpoint qualified applicants.

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