100’s Night is long anticipated at USAFA, USMA and USNA. This celebration marks 100 days until graduation and comes with its unique set of festivities at each academy.

At USAFA, there was a time when cadets would find out their job assignments at this event. Now it is common for them to learn their base assignments on the 100th Night. After receiving their assignments, cadets are given liberty for the weekend to celebrate their upcoming graduation. It is also the time that 4 degrees (freshmen) “decorate” rooms of the seniors while they are away. (Pictured: Igloo room, foil room and full to the brim with newspapers room).

At USMA, after 100’s Night banquet, cadets transitioned into a night of silliness around their experiences rolled into one production on Saturday at Eisenhower Hall Theatre. The 100th Night Show has been a tradition at West Point since 1871, which allows Firsties to take a humorous look at their class through their four years at the Academy as they take a lighthearted poke at West Point.

At USNA celebrating 100’s Night includes plebes getting an opportunity to switch places with the seniors and dish out everything they received over the last school year.

Congratulations to the Class of 2023 on their celebrations of 100’s night this year!