Academy Endeavors Guide for Recruited Athletes

Getting recruited for sports can open up the admissions door. Academies are small schools but have a vast amount of athletic teams. Academy coaches have a limited amount of “blue chips,” which give authority to pinpoint qualified applicants.

Are You Interested?

We encourage all clients to reach out to the Academy coaches in their sport of interest, and do the following…

  1. Express your interest 
  2. Share your highlight reel & stats 
  3. Nurture the relationship

Where Do I Start?

Step 1: Questionnaire.

Complete recruiting questionnaire found on Academy athletics websites. Start by googling “USAFA [or USNA, USMA, etc.] athletics recruiting questionnaire”. Find the form and fill it out.

Step 2: Camps.

Attend schools’ camps to build relationships with coaches. You can start attending camps as early as possible.

Step 3: Social Media

Build a profile (ex. Twitter) just for sports recruiting. 

  • Handle. Make your handle (@name) easy to find based on your name. 
  • Photos. Insert profile photo and banner photo
  • Bio. Significant info briefly stated. (see example)
  • Highlights. Make highlight tape and insert link in Bio. 
  • Follows. Follow the schools’ sports pages that you are interested in. ie. @NavyFootball
  • Retweets. Retweet so all your accomplishments/content is easily found on your page
  • NOTE: Do NOT use this for political or inappropriate tweets. Solely for recruiting.

Step 4: Coach-to-Coach Contact.

Ask your HS/Club coaches to contact the schools’ coaches for you.

Step 5: Intro Email/Twitter DM.

Contact coaches directly using email or Twitter.

  • In the intro email/DM, include the following:
    • Your sincere interest. 
    • Link to highlight reel.
    • Your numbers (GPA, SAT, sports stats, awards, etc.)  
    • Your contact info.
    • If you are going to their camp or attending one of their games.

Step 6: Follow-up.

Stay top of mind by keeping in touch with coaches.

  • Update them via Email/Twitter DM just like you would your grandma. “Hey Coach, I have my nomination interviews coming up. I’m excited about it!” “Coach, I scored 2 TDs in my last game. Onto the playoffs!” “Hey Coach, I just got back my SATs – I received a 1400!” 
  • Visit a game near you.
  • Send an email every few weeks. 

Step 7: Repeat steps 2-6

Recruiting is not a one-time event. You are selling yourself over and over again via camps, social media, & outreach to coaches.