Why I Attended the Academy – My Personal Story

Getting accepted is a game changer.

The Academy was one of the biggest blessings of Travis’ life.

And that’s why he is passionate about helping people get accepted.

In this bonus video, Academy Endeavors founder and USAFA ‘07 grad Travis Wittick tells his story of how he decided to attend the Academy, what his experience was like, and how he benefited.

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Andrew Eisenhauer

#Thankful by Andrew Eisenhauer

Perspective is powerful (part 6 of 10)

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Christana Wagner

#Thankful by Christana Wagner

Perspective is powerful (part 5 of 10)

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Jessica Haugaard

#Thankful by Jessica Haugaard

Perspective is powerful (part 4 of 10).

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Happy Birthday Shout Out!

Academy Endeavors founder, Travis Wittick, turns 36.

Life has changed just a little bit since Travis was 18 years old going through Basic Cadet Training at the Air Force Academy.

But he’ll never forget where the journey started. Colorado Springs, circa 2003.

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