The acronym “DODMERB” is googled more than 60,000 times per year. Read this post to find out why it is so important.

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U.S Presidents from Service Academies

Fun Fact: U.S Presidents who attended Service Academies

Did you know that the Service Academies have produced 3 U.S Presidents? ⁣

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Is Academy endeavors right for me

Is Academy Endeavors Right For Me?

At Academy Endeavors, we are looking for young people whose dream it is to get accepted to the Academy.

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Where do i even Begin

Where Do I Even Begin?

Applying to one Academy is the equivalent of applying to ten colleges. It’s that complex, and as grads, we remember it well. In this video, we discuss the easiest first step to begin your Academy journey.

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When should i start

When Should I Start Applying?

In this video, we share when applicants should get started with the rigorous application process, but we also offer a glimmer of hope for those that got a late start in the process.

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