Ace Your Congressional Interview

Its Congressional nomination season, and nomination interviews are nerve-wracking and intimidating for many young people. We have many clients going through the interview process right now, so we wanted to provide a few tips to help young people approach their interviews with confidence.

In your Congressional nomination interviews, the number one question that you must master is the WHY question.

“WHY do you want to attend a Service Academy?”

We teach young people to ace Congressional interviews by giving answers that are:

1) Personal. Their answers deeply reveal who they are. Too often, answers sound generic and leave the interviewer questioning its sincerity. Leave the interviewer no doubt that your reason why is thoughtful and unique to your story.
2) Specific. A+ answers address specific characteristics that Service Academies are looking for. Leadership, character, love of country, etc. If your answers sound like they could be applied to any other school, they probably aren’t specific enough.
3) Passionate. Tone matters. The reason that interviews instead of essays is because they want to feel your tone as you talk about your story. Congressional nomination offices already read your personal statement; now they want to hear it from your own voice. So, speak from your heart, not just your head!

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