Every good plan has a backup plan.

When a young person desires to attend a Service Academy, we almost always recommend applying to ROTC scholarship as well.

In this family’s case, boy are they glad they did!

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We live for testimonials like this one. For years, this admissions process has left people confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed. How does one navigate it, and most importantly, how can one win at this?

This is Academy Endeavors’ mission. We are a hands-on mentoring program from start to finish, guiding you all the way to acceptance.

We’ll let Tracy say it in her own words:

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Dan Newell

#Thankful by Dan Newell

Perspective is powerful (bonus)

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Sam Napita

#Thankful by Sam Sapita

Perspective is powerful (part 10 of 10)

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Jocelyn Mitnaul

#Thankful by Jocelyn Mitnaul

Perspective is powerful (part 9 of 10)

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