Summer Seminars

By now, all Summer Seminars have come to a close, and from what we are hearing from clients, what a great experience they were! Although most were virtual this year, applicants got a taste of Academy life, and it left our clients hungry for more!

The key to getting into an Academy is one word: discipline.

If you are a rising Senior or re-applicant, let the Summer Seminar experience fuel your drive to complete as much of the applications before school starts in August. These next 2-3 weeks are absolutely critical. Keep your head down, stay focused, and crush it!

If you are a rising Junior, mark your calendars for January of 2022, when the Summer Seminar applications open up. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to experience what the Academies are like. And in case you were wondering, there is only a 25% acceptance rate to the Summer Seminars, so be sure to crush it in your classes and get your SAT/ACT scores up!

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