“As a single mom and busy sales executive, I was overwhelmed by the academies’ application process and fearful that we would miss a deadline. I had heard of Academy Endeavors online and from a friend, but wondered if it was really worth it.

“We committed to the process and hired the team, and I’m so glad we did. My son got so much more from this program than I could have anticipated. Not only did we get assistance with the application process, but Academy Endeavors also keeps current on admission statistics and other data that they applied to help my son understand exactly what he needed to work on, and exactly how to develop a successful application strategy. Everything from essay formulation and review to interviewing skills are covered. The program is structured, well organized, and professional. Travis and the entire team really make you feel like you’re their only client.

“By October of my son’s senior year we had secured two academy acceptance letters as well as a full four-year ROTC scholarship. In the end we got to celebrate those victories with the team at Academy Endeavors. It’s an early preview to just how special it feels to be part of the academy family.

“This program was 1000% worth it and gave my son skills and in his words “confidence” that he will carry with him for life.”


Parent, Current Client