“Although coming from a long line of military family dating back to WWI, most served as enlisted, the few that became officers attended state college and none had considered attending an Academy.

“While in high school, my father, a retired Marine, mentioned the Naval Academy and talked about some graduates he knew while serving. He spoke of their success in the military and out. We thought it was time for one of the Provencio’s to attend an Academy. Immediately I became intrigued and excited by the thought of doing something so unique and challenging, I began to take high school extremely seriously and did my best in all I did at school and volunteering at church. A year passed and without understanding the details for applying to the Naval Academy, I was not sure how to succeed. The more I researched, the less confident I became, considering the low acceptance rate and my self-induced pressure of not being able to get accepted.

“As I did additional research I found Academy Endeavors and discussed it with my father. My father, having confidence in my effort to research, agreed to use their services. Academy Endeavors knowledge and experience were obvious from the beginning and gave me the confidence to continue working towards my acceptance to the Naval Academy. Both my father and I appreciated their availability and going above and beyond to ensure I was ready for every step of this process and provided me with information to practice on my own, particularly for Congressional and BGO interviews. He even went as far as giving detailed advice about ways to improve my chances of a medical waiver.

“I believe as a result of Academy Endeavors, my confidence increased substantially resulting in winning my Congressional nomination, obtaining a medical waiver, and earning an acceptance to the Naval Academy Prep School. My sincere gratitude to Academy Endeavors.”



USNAPS, USNA Class of 2027