“Academy Endeavors is AMAZING! This team is efficient, knowledgeable, encouraging and will become your child’s #1 fan. This experience is one that we will always cherish and encourage others to strongly consider.

“Our family took on this process and quickly realized we were in over our heads. AE came to the rescue. This organized team set our daughter up on a schedule, checked in with her often and held her accountable while guiding her through this rigorous process step by step. They are well prepared to help your child out with all academies, colleges, ROTC programs, essays, their resume, interview preparation and all the in betweens. She wanted to work hard for them and she wanted to make sure she was staying on tasks as they advised.

“We are proud to say she earned a Letter of Assurance and nomination to USNA! We couldn’t be happier with this result and we know for sure it would not have happened without Academy Endeavors.

“Thank you AE team for your commitment to students who desire to serve our country.”


Proud Parent, USNA Appointee