“If you are a parent of a student applying to an Academy, you will soon be aware of how overwhelming it is.

“Each student is the best of the best. So how do you stand out? This is where Academy Endeavors is invaluable. Most colleges do not have an interview process, but to get into an Academy you will have many interviews, and you need to be prepared. While Academy Endeavors will help you develop a comprehensive application, the mock interviews were an outstanding way to prepare my son for his Congressional Nomination interview as well as his USAFA, USNA, AFROTC and NROTC interviews. These interviews are where you can and must differentiate yourself from other applicants. As proud parents of a USAFA class of 2026 cadet, thank you Academy Endeavors for your help in getting my son accepted to both USAFA and USNA, as well as being awarded both AFROTC and NROTC scholarships.”


Proud Parent,

USAFA class of 2026