“Think about no smartphone, no google maps and no GPS. Can you travel? Yes, you can but will have to figure things out and eventually you will make it where you want to go with a hope it’s in time and with certainty.

“Now think about this again if you were dropped in the middle of YellowStone National Park 😊!! Academy Endeavors is synonymous to being that Smart Phone, with all possible maps and personalized GPS when it comes to Academy pursuit. That’s just the beginning my son was pushed beyond his best imagination to be a multifaceted well-polished diamond. He was coached and challenged and kept in focus with tasks and guidance all along the way. This program made my son immensely competent not only for Academy’s but in life as his confidence level rose beyond his wildest expectations even among his peers when he saw his results come through. He earned appointments to USNA & USAFA; Nominations & Scholarships to AFROTC & NROTC. If it was not for this service from Academy Endeavors, we would have still been figuring it out. View from where we are now is priceless!”


Proud Parent

Appointee USNA, USAFA