Testimonial: Rhonda

When we started our company, we wanted to serve the entire family in addition to the applicant. This application process is overwhelming for everyone: parents, children, etc.

This story makes us giddy. We helped Rhonda’s daughter go 4 for 4 last year, amidst some challenging circumstances!

“Academy Endeavors was a lifesaver for my family. Before we hired them, we were concerned about the upcoming deadlines and stressed about an unexpected, serious illness in our family.

Thanks to Academy Endeavors, applications were a smooth experience, and my daughter smiled and cheered each time we clicked “submit” on an application because she was so excited about the finished product.

They got right to work, setting up numerous meetings with our daughter and taking the lead to help her navigate the application process. Travis worked tirelessly to support her as a mentor and consultant. If you are looking for a dedicated consultant who is just as invested in your child’s success as you are, Academy Endeavors is it.”

-Rhonda, parent
Daughter accepted to her top 4 schools

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