The #1 CFA Common Mistake

Are you experiencing anxiety about the upcoming Cadet Fitness Assessment?

It comprises up to 10% of your overall admissions score, and can be an intimidating test, even for the athlete.

The number one mistake applicants make is they don’t do a mock test soon enough, and if they do one, they don’t do it under game-like conditions. What do we mean by “game-like conditions?” It means you print the scoresheet, grab a friend to help you, and do the test in the prescribed order with the prescribed rest limits. This is huge. Only allow yourself to rest for 3 minutes between exercises.

Here’s your homework…go do a mock test under game-like conditions. Have fun!

1. Basketball throw
2. Cadence Pull-ups
3. 40-yard shuttle run
4. Situps
5. Push-ups
6. 1-mile run

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